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Inventory+ vs. VinCue: Which Car Appraisal Tool is right for you?

By Ben Putano | Jan 08, 2019
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The Strategic Approach to Used Car Appraisal

By Ben Putano | Jan 04, 2019

“You don’t make money when you sell a car; you make money when you buy it.”

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DealerCue Review: What’s to Come in 2019

By Ben Putano | Jan 04, 2019

New features. New products. New partnerships. 2018 was a breakout year for DealerCue, but we are far from satisfied. We have big plans for our…

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Inventory Data: The Secret Weapon of Successful Dealerships

By Ben Putano | Dec 10, 2018

VinCue is a real-time market intelligence tool that helps dealers make better decisions about pricing and car appraisals. It can also help you better…

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2019 Sales Trends for Auto Dealers

By Ben Putano | Dec 05, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and dealerships are in the middle of the holiday sales boom. Still, it’s never too early to look ahead and start…

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How Do Car Dealerships Make Money?

By Ben Putano | Dec 03, 2018

Most consumers believe car dealerships make their money off new car sales. In reality, the balance sheet is much more complicated.

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Best Practices for Reconditioning Used Cars

By Ben Putano | Nov 14, 2018

To earn top dollar in the automotive industry, you have to offer top products. If you deal with used cars, you know that most of the inventory you…

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DealerCue vs. CDK Global: Comparing Dealership Tools

By Ben Putano | Oct 04, 2018

The variety of organizations taking part in the auto industry is tremendous.

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Which Car Appraisal App is Right for You?

By Ben Putano | Oct 01, 2018
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5 Step Guide to Online Advertising for Small Dealerships

By Adam Tobias | Sep 24, 2018

Updated January 6, 2019

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