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LotLinx vs. AdCue: Comparing Advertising Tools for Dealerships

By Adam Tobias | Aug 21, 2019

Do you ever get the feeling that third party lead providers are only in it for themselves? That instead of helping you get more leads, they steal your…

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5 Dealership Marketing Trends for 2020

By Adam Tobias | Jun 25, 2019

Dealership marketing has changed drastically.

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6 Metrics to Dominate Your Local Car Market

By Adam Tobias | Mar 27, 2019

Every year, dozens of automotive companies and research firms publish national market reports. These reports identify large, long-term trends, but their…

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3 Tips for Building a Better Dealership Website

By Adam Tobias | Mar 07, 2019

In the increasingly competitive car dealership industry, brand loyalty is more important than ever. It’s also harder than ever to build. Cutting through…

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Auto Sales Outlook, March 2019: Winter Weather and High Interest Rates Put a Freeze on Car Sales

By Adam Tobias | Mar 05, 2019

It’s been a harsh winter for US auto sales. Some analysts are blaming the record cold weather in February, while others point to more traditional economic…

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3 Tactics to Improve Your Inventory Turn Rate

By Ben Putano | Feb 28, 2019

One of the most valuable metrics for a dealership to track is inventory turn rate.

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The Dealer's Guide to Black Book

By Ben Putano | Jan 29, 2019

Black Book is a more than just a pricing book. Since its founding in 1955, Black Book has grown into a fleet of powerful tools for the data-driven auto…

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Inventory+ vs. VinCue: Which Car Appraisal Tool is right for you?

By Ben Putano | Jan 08, 2019
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The Strategic Approach to Used Car Appraisal

By Ben Putano | Jan 04, 2019

“You don’t make money when you sell a car; you make money when you buy it.”

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Inventory Data: The Secret Weapon of Successful Dealerships

By Ben Putano | Dec 10, 2018

VinCue is a real-time market intelligence tool that helps dealers make better decisions about pricing and car appraisals. It can also help you better…

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